When I was nine, I asked my parents for a camera for Christmas. They told me that I was too young, so I turned to the next highest authority, Santa. For the weeks before Christmas, I pleaded with my parents but they would not change their answer: No.

Little did I know that they had a great plan for a fantastic Christmas present for me that year. The local toy stores, however, were sold out. Unknown to the slumbering 9-year-old, my Dad made a valiant effort to find this fantastic present through Christmas Eve, but came up empty handed. Desperate for a gift, they gave in and I found a camera in my stocking the next morning. It was a Kodak Instamatic: a 110 camera with a built-in flash and it was perfect!

That year, I discovered a passion for photography and rediscovered a belief in Santa. I have not yet managed to combine the two and get a photo of Santa...

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