In early December, 2003, Joanna and I traveled to Cuba. On this page you'll find some vignettes of our trip, which was educational, inspirational, and way too short.

Joanna's Glimpses of Cuba is a list of selected Cuba-related books, music and videos at She's compiled a great collection of items, including Closest of Enemies by Wayne Smith (head of theĀ US Interest Section in Cuba under Carter and one of the guides/leaders of our trip) and Guajiro Natural by Polo Montanez. The song in the slide show is from this album.

The slide show has been updated. I removed some images that were only of interest to those on the trip and am now using Flash instead of the Adobe Acrobat. The slide show was built using a product called SWF 'n Slide and I'll let you know how I feel about it once I've had the chance to play with it some more. Until then, enjoy the show!

To view the slide show, you will need to have the (free) Flash Player (version 6 or later) installed installed on your machine. Most likely, you already have the player installed, but if you can check if you are not sure. If you need to install or update your copy of Flash Player, you can do so from Adobe's website.

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