Great Camera, Lousy Website

While David Pogue was waxing rhapsodic about Nikon's new D90, details about Canon's update to it's popular EOS 5D were already flooding online photography discussion websites.  About four weeks later, it was official.  All of the features that Mr. Pogue was so excited about in the D90 were effectively trumped with 5D Mark II.  It looks like Canon couldn't be beat!

Except by themselves...

One of Canon's Explorer's of Light photographers, Vincent Laforet, shot a short video (about half a music video's worth) using only the 5D Mark II's HD video capabilities.  Watching the 1/4 size version on my laptop blew me away.  Later that day I went to download to the full-HD version and was greeted at Canon's website by this:

(Click to see full-size)

Are you kidding me?  A company with $39 billion in sales last year can't keep up with the download demand for one video?  Laforet's website got 1.5 million hits in ten days.  People are going crazy to see this video.  You can't buy publicity like that!  So what does Canon do?  They shoot themselves in their digital foot.

And they probably did it with a Nikon.

UPDATE: 12 Oct., 2008: It looks like SmugMug is going to donate hosting -- they had been hosting the "making-of" clips -- so, finally, we can see the video again.

UPDATE: 28 Oct., 2008: It seem that Pogue agrees: just keep telling yourself: “It was shot with a still camera. It was shot with a still camera….”

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